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Curfew Extended For A ‘Further Two Weeks’

The current curfew — which runs from 12.30am – 5.00am — will be extended for a “further two weeks until the 29th October,” Minister of Health Kim Wilson confirmed last night.

Speaking at last night’s [Oct 13] press conference, Minister Wilson said, “All of the public health measures have been extended for a further two weeks until the 29th October, and this includes curfew.”

Premier David Burt also said, “As the Minister of Health has announced, the curfew will be extended for a further two weeks in recognition of the urgent situation which still remains within the hospital. The Minister of Health and I will also continue with these weekly press conferences for as long as the hospital remains at level 4. Once the hospital reverts from level 4, we will return to the technical briefings by our public health officers.

“In closing, I ask for us all to remember that we each have a role to play in getting Bermuda through this outbreak and also preventing any future outbreaks. We are beginning to see the statistics improve. But we cannot let our guard down. Always remember that behind each number is a person and a family affected by the coronavirus.

“I remind everyone to follow the basics of hand-washing and sanitizing, physical distancing, and wearing a mask where that is not possible and where required. If you are eligible, please register for your booster shot today, and if you haven’t been vaccinated already, please speak to your doctor so that you can get the information required to do what is necessary to protect yourself.”