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121,792 Total Vaccinations, 73.0% Had One Dose

As of January 29th, Bermuda has administered a total of 121,792 vaccinations and 73% of the population has received one dose, 71.7% have had two doses, and 67.1% of those eligible for a booster have received it.

In releasing the latest test results, a Government spokesperson said, “Since January 11th, 2021, Bermuda residents have received a total of 121,792 vaccinations.

“Of the 121,792 vaccinations given as of January 29th, 2022:

  • 52% are women and,
  • 48% are men

“87.1% of all residents over the age of 65 years have had at least one vaccination, and 85.8% are fully immunized.

“To date, 73.0% of the population has been vaccinated [1 dose], and 71.7% of the population has been immunized [2 doses].

“Additionally, 67.1% of those eligible for a booster have received their booster.”

“First, second and booster doses will continue to be available at Pier 6 until March 31st either by appointment or for walk-ins,” advised Minister Wilson. “After March 31st, we are working to have the COVID19 vaccine available through physicians’ offices, as well as participating pharmacies.

“COVID-19 vaccinations are also available at the Hamilton Health Centre, 67 Victoria Street, every Tuesday from 2 – 4 pm. There is a limited number of appointments, and these vaccinations are by appointment only, with no walk-ins. You can get your 1st, 2nd or 3rd dose. Call 332-8906 for assistance in scheduling an appointment, or you can book online at www.gov.bm/vaccines.

“I encourage anyone who wants to get vaccinated to do so quickly. As well, I would like to remind people that proper ventilation is one of the leading mitigation methods for reducing the risk of the coronavirus transmission within buildings. We should all increase fresh air ventilation wherever possible when indoors. The risk is much less if outside.”