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52,337 Total Covid-19 Vaccinations Administered

As of April 17th, Bermuda has administered a total of 50,992 vaccinations and 34% of the population have received 2 doses thus far, while 70% of all residents over the age of 65 years have had at least one vaccination with 61% having had two.

Noting that the vaccine requires two doses, by Bernews calculation — using an approximate population of 64,000 we need a total of approximately 89,600 vaccines administered [two doses each to 44,800 people] to reach the aim of having 70% of the population vaccinated with two doses — so the 50,992 vaccinations given is 56.9% of the total vaccinations needed to reach the 70%.

Speaking during tonight’s press conference, Health Minister Kim Wilson also provided vaccination statistics saying, “We have completed the fourteenth full week of vaccinations. From January 11 to April 17, 2021, Bermuda has administered a total of 50,992 vaccinations – a figure that rises to 52,337 if you include vaccinations administered on Sunday and Monday as well! – all of which is very good news.

“Of the 50,992 vaccinations administered for the period we are reporting on, which ends April 17th;

  • 53% are women, and,
  • 47% are men.

“Significant progress has been made in vaccinating our population and, especially, our most vulnerable. 70% of all residents over the age of 65 years have had at least one vaccination with 61% being fully immunised.

“Bermuda’s goal of “herd immunity” will be achieved when 70% of the population has been immunised. To date, 46% of the population has been vaccinated [with 1 dose], and 34% of the population has been immunised [with 2 doses].

“People have asked for an explanation of ‘herd or community immunity’ and why it is important. Community immunity happens when enough of persons in our population have protection against an infection that it stops being able to spread – the so-called ‘dead end’ effect. For COVID-19, scientists estimate the threshold for community immunity is 65% – 70% of the population.

“In Bermuda, this means something closer to 80% – 85% of the population that is eligible to be vaccinated because, as you know, the vaccines are not yet approved for youth under the age of 16 years. So, once you remove young people from the calculation, we need a much higher rate of vaccination among those that are left – namely, the people who are 16 years and over.

“Yes, this is an ambitious target and that is why the Ministry has focused on, and worked hard to achieve, a high rate of vaccination among our most vulnerable group: people over the age of 65 years. 70% of this age group have had at least one vaccination, and that is excellent news.

“In a recent Omnibus survey consisted of telephone interviews with a representative sample of 400 Bermuda residents conducted between March 8th and March 17th, 2021, 8% indicated they will definitely not get the COVID-19 vaccine. This is a decrease when compared with December 2020, when 28% indicated they would not get the vaccine.

“I will continue to encourage those not registered to be vaccinated to do your own research using reliable sources and to speak to a doctor.

“I know that some of the reluctance to get vaccinated is due to concerns about the side-effects. I cannot speak for everyone’s experience, just mine. My arm was sore after the first shot; and that was all. After the second shot, which I had a 9 in the morning, I felt fine throughout the day but woke up that night at about midnight with a very, very bad headache. It felt like the flu. With Tylenol and some rest, I was feeling absolutely fine within 24 hours. There is certainly a sense of relief in knowing that I am protected now.

“Yes, getting vaccinated is something we can do for ourselves but, again, we can do it for our family and our community. Immunisation will get us out of this pandemic!

“The expansions in the vaccinations programs at the Bermuda College and the Hospital helped us to exceed 5000 doses in one week for the first time! Well done, and thank you to the entire vaccination team. I extend my personal thanks to all those working at the Bermuda College Vaccination Centre, as well as the Bermuda Hospitals Board. Kudos to you, well done!

“The vaccine programme has expanded hours and days so that we can move towards community immunity. To push us towards achieving our goal, the Bermuda College is accepting walk-ins this week. Thursday and Friday are 8am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday are 9am to 3pm. You don’t need to register – just show up.“