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58 Positive, 69 Active, 8 In Hospital

The Ministry received 7,334 test results — spanning 7 days — and 58 were positive, so there are now 69 known active cases, of which 8 people are in hospital.

A Government spokesperson said, “Since the last update, the Ministry of Health received 7334 test results, and 58 were positive for the coronavirus, giving a test positivity rate of 1%.

“These results are from testing done on:

  • Tuesday: 4 positive out of 695 results [0.6% positivity]
  • Wednesday: 10 positive out of 616 results [1.6% positivity]
  • Thursday: 8 positive out of 392 results [2.0% positivity]
  • Friday: 6 positive out of 1872 results [0.3% positivity]
  • Saturday: 7 positive out of 1875 results [0.4% positivity]
  • Sunday: 16 positive out of 1170 results [1.4% positivity]
  • Monday: 7 positive out of 714 results [1.0% positivity]

“26 of the new cases are classified as imported.

“The additional 32 new cases are classified as either local transmission [5] or under investigation [27].

“Additionally, there were 111 recoveries and 0 deaths.

“There are 69 active cases, of which:

  • 61 are under public health monitoring; and
  • 8 are in hospital, with 0 in intensive care.

“Since March 2020, Bermuda has recorded 18077 coronavirus cases, out of which 17860 have recovered, and sadly there have been 148 coronavirus-related deaths.

September 14 2022 Covid Calendar Day

“The source of all active cases is as follows:

  • 34 are Imported
  • 6 are classified as local transmission
  • 29 are Under Investigation

“The source of all confirmed cases is as follows:

  • 4047 are Imported
  • 13926 are classified as local transmission of which:
    • 5926 are Local transmission with known contact/source and
    • 8000 are Local transmission with an unknown contact/source
  • 104 are Under Investigation

“As investigations proceed, transmission categories may change. For age distributions and overall transmission categories, please refer to https://www.gov.bm/coronavirus-covid19-update. The seven-day average of our real-time reproduction number is 0.28.

“For information regarding other conditions being reported to the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, please refer to https://www.gov.bm/health-information.

“The Ministry of Health is reminding everyone that as we head into cold and flu season, it is vital to cover your cough to help stop the spread of germs that make you and others sick!”

Minister of Health Kim Wilson said: “Serious respiratory illnesses like COVID-19, influenza [flu], respiratory syncytial virus [RSV], whooping cough and the common cold are spread by coughing or sneezing, and unclean hands touching the nose, mouth or eyes. These illnesses spread easily in crowded places where people are in close contact.”

The spokesperson said, “To stop the spread of germs when you are sick:

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue whenever you cough or sneeze. Throw the used tissue in a trash can
  • If you don’t have a tissue, sneeze or cough into your sleeve [at the elbow]
  • Consider wearing a mask to protect others
  • After coughing or sneezing, always clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Do not share eating utensils, drinking glasses, towels or other personal items

“The following steps can help you to stay healthy and prevent the spread of respiratory infections:

  • Clean your hands often with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick, if possible
  • Get vaccinated: In addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, influenza [flu] and pneumococcal [pneumonia] vaccines can prevent some serious respiratory illnesses
  • Avoid smoking and keep your home smoke free
  • Avoid crowded enclosed places where germs can be passed among people through the air
  • Get extra rest – viral infections take 10 to 14 days to resolve
  • Drink extra fluids – especially water
  • Eat nourishing, immune-boosting foods
  • Exercise regularly

“For the latest health and wellness information, visit the Health Information page [www.gov.bm/health-information].”