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8 Months Since First Covid-19 Cases Confirmed

Today [Nov 18] marks eight months since the first Covid-19 cases were confirmed in Bermuda on March 18, leading to an unprecedented time in the island’s history, with mask wearing and social distancing now the norm.

A state of emergency was declared in Bermuda – the first in some 40 years – and a raft of measures were taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus including social distancing, a curfew, staggered shopping days by last name, a three month closure of LF Wade International Airport to commercial passenger flights, and more.

While the pandemic did, sadly, result in nine deaths and economic hardship for many, eight months after the first case was confirmed, the island is generally regarded as having handled the pandemic quite well, and is one of the few jurisdictions in the world to have obtained the highest ranking from the CDC.

The video shows only a cursory look at the timeline, and for a far more comprehensive look at the timeline of Covid-19, view the dedicated timeline on BermudaCovid.com, which contains over 130 entries highlighting some of the key developments in Bermuda and around the world.