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86,676 Total Vaccinations, 66.2% Had Two Doses

As of September 18th, Bermuda has administered a total of 86,676 vaccinations — an increase of 482 since the previous week — and 66.2% of the population has received two doses thus far.

A Government spokesperson said, “We have completed week 36 of vaccinations. Since January 11, Bermuda has administered a total of 86,676 vaccinations.

“Of the 86,676 vaccinations given as of September 18:

  • 52% are women and,
  • 48% are men

“83.8% of all residents over the age of 65 years have had at least one vaccination, and 82.6% are fully immunised.

“To date, 67.8% of the population has been vaccinated (1 dose), and 66.2% of the population has been immunised [2 doses].

“As we all know, the Delta variant is easily transmissible and widespread throughout our community. Everything we do should be focused on avoiding infection.

“Vaccinations are our best defense against the further spread of the virus, so if you still have not decided to get vaccinated, please do your research and speak to your doctor.

“The sooner you get vaccinated, the better you can fight the virus if exposed to it. Equally important, you can protect others in the community, which is particularly important for those who cannot be vaccinated, such as our children who we want to get back in the classroom as quickly as possible.

“We are expecting a new supply of Pfizer vaccines to arrive on island tomorrow evening, and I encourage anyone who wants to get vaccinated to register their interest as soon as possible on gov.bm/vaccines.

“Booster vaccines will be available very soon.

“At this time, the recommended target groups for booster vaccines are, in this order, persons who are:

1. Immunosuppressed,
2. Over 65 years old,
3. A healthcare or essential worker, and then,
4. Over 50 years old.

“We are not currently administering boosters, and appointments are not being scheduled for boosters at this time. The Ministry of Health is currently working out the delivery details, and we will advise the public once they are available.”