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Aspen Donates $20K To Community Giveaway

Re/insurer Aspen Bermuda Limited announced “its support of community efforts towards moving past this pandemic” with a $20,000 donation “earmarked as part of the Back to Business Community Giveaway programme.”

Christian Dunleavy, CEO of Aspen Bermuda Limited stated: “Giving back to the community is important during any time, but this time has been especially challenging for so many in Bermuda.

“Communities of Bermuda have been asked to do their part in respect of testing, vaccination and various restrictions. We are now working with the Bermuda Health Council to celebrate those past and ongoing efforts in this journey back to a more normal social and economic position.”

Dr. Ricky Brathwaite of the Health Council commented: “Community partnerships like what we are witnessing with Aspen Bermuda Limited, can only help to bring our communities closer together. Every contribution from our corporate partners help to bring a sense of stability back to our shores.

“We are especially grateful that Aspen’s contribution is geared toward essential services that can go a long way towards providing relief for a household, and travel which every Bermudian can appreciate. We ask that everyone continues to do their part through vaccination, testing, and the other prescribed public health measures.”

A spokesperson added, “The Back to Business Community Giveaway is an effort to thank the community through a raffle format. In complement to this Giveaway, the Bermuda Health Council continues to work with the Department of Health’s Nursing team to promote vaccine education and enhancements to access to care within their Close to Home Mobile Vaccination Programme.

“To date over 70,000 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech have been dispensed. These doses represent greater than 58% of the population, and more are added each day through the various vaccination centre locations. Vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine creates the ability to generate a more rapid immune response, including generation of antibodies specific to the SARS-CoV- 2 spike protein.”