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Centre Thanks Govt For Unemployment Benefit

Executive Director of Family Centre, has praised Government for its outreach to those workers who have been forced to be without employment and potential health benefits as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Martha Dismont stated, “It is a very challenging time, and Government’s announcement on March 23 of unemployment benefits for the recently unemployed is encouraging. We can appreciate the words, and the actions, of the Minister of Labour to ensure that no greater damage is done to our already frail economy.

“Even though the benefits offered will be a maximum of 12 weeks only, it is heartening that this government has taken this position to ensure that individuals are supported, and hopefully, it will be enough.

“These actions give us hope, and I encourage families to check on the government website to ensure that they meet the criteria, or contact Workforce Development, as suggested by the Minister, to access the help that is being made available.”

Mrs. Dismont concluded, “We know this type of financial support by Government is not necessarily sustainable over time, but it is a good beginning to consider how to assist workers during an interim period with no finances, which is a slightly different remit than what we have at Financial Assistance.

“We encourage families to continue to listen for updates and to get the accurate information from official sources, such as the government website [www.gov.bm] to reduce any chance of having the incorrect information, or expectation. We congratulate the Minister and Government for their willingness to demonstrate their care for those vulnerable persons being negatively impacted at this time.”