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Covid-19: Airport Has ‘Implemented Measures’

In an effort to deal with the global Covid-19 outbreak, the airport has set up an isolation area to assess passengers traveling from high-risk countries or who are exhibiting symptoms of illness, they are broadcasting public health messaging on the PA system, and have also increased the frequency of cleaning.

According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organisation, there are around 100.000 confirmed cases worldwide, with over 3,000 deaths. There are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bermuda.

Global Map, via the CDC, Showing Locations With Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

A spokesperson said, “Skyport has implemented measures to support the Ministry of Health in its Government-led efforts to detect and manage the possible importation of coronavirus.

“Health awareness information is being shared with arriving passengers at the LF Wade International Airport on the digital screens in the Immigration Hall. An isolation area has been set up in the Hall for Health officials to assess passengers traveling from high-risk countries or who are exhibiting symptoms of illness.

“Additionally, Public Health and Safety audio messaging is being broadcast on the PA system throughout the terminal. Finally, Skyport has increased the frequency of cleaning activities throughout the terminal with priority placed on areas anticipated to have elevated risks for viral contact.”

The Government said, “At the airport, the Department of Health has committed to covering every incoming flight with the presence of a port health nurse.

“Additionally, supported by their senior managers, customs officers performing the primary immigration function in the Arrivals Hall have been closely monitoring activities on the primary line and asking the appropriate travel history and health related questions of incoming passengers.”