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Covid-19: One Communications Donates $50,000

One Communications today announced its support of the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Effort starting with a donation of $50,000 towards the Covid-19 Emergency Fund.

“During these times of uncertainty, it is reassuring to see the community rallying together to support one another. Many people across Bermuda are looking for assistance with obtaining essential needs such as food, shelter and safety,” said Frank Amaral, One Communications CEO.

“One Communications appreciates the critical role the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response partners play in assisting those most vulnerable and in need of their services. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their efforts.”

“This is an incredibly generous donation, and as a representative of the Third Sector CCRT, thank you One Communications,” said Dr Myra Virgil, Managing Director of Bermuda Community Foundation.

Dr. Virgil continued, “Thousands of individuals have already been helped by the Emergency Fund, which provides financial support to Bermuda’s nonprofit sector who are the experts we need right now. Many of these organizations are being called on to step up like never before.

“Traditionally, they are under-resourced and under-funded, but in spite of this they haven’t wavered in their commitment to do what must be done to meet community needs. We are doing all we can to ensure they are supported. One Communications’ donation is hugely appreciated, and the funds will be put to good use for the benefit of our community.”

Mr. Amaral added, “In addition to our monetary donation, our pledge is to work alongside the Third Sector Crisis Response partners to share their purpose with all of Bermuda. In times of crisis, there are many people who wish to help and are unsure of what the specific needs are, where to begin looking for this information, or how to get involved.

“Bermuda is known for its charitable efforts, especially during a natural disaster. We’d like that same generosity to carry through now, while we combat Covid-19.”

A social media campaign, set to launch in the coming days, will help to highlight the most pressing areas in need of funding to support vulnerable peoples in Bermuda, throughout this pandemic.

More information detailing the partnership will be released in the coming days. The company encourages those wishing to make a donation to the BCF’s Emergency Fund, to do so online by visiting here.