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Covid Chart: Active Cases By Age Group

As of the most recent statistics, the island has 522 active Covid-19 cases, and according to data provided by the Health Ministry, the average age of all active cases is 34 years, and 46% are male. The chart indicates that over 120 active cases are in the 20 – 29 age group, just over 100 are in the 30 – 39 age group, and 100 are in the 10 -19 age group.

There is currently no one in hospital due to Covid, and in providing information on active cases by vaccination status, transmission, and type, the Ministry previously said: “Imported cases: 94% are fully vaccinated and 6% are not fully vaccinated, Local/Under Investigation cases: 75% are fully vaccinated and 25% are not fully vaccinated. Of the 217 active cases where typing is available, 2% [5] are Delta, 98% [212] are Omicron.”

Active cases by Age Group Bermuda December 31 2021 IG