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Covid Charts: Active Cases By Vaccination Status

Of the 124 currently active Covid-19 cases, 40.32% are fully vaccinated and 59.67% are not vaccinated, and when looking at just the non-imported cases, the percentage of not vaccinated increases to 74%.

As far as imported cases, the Government stated that 98% of people arriving have been vaccinated, and “unvaccinated travellers are 4.6 times more likely to test positive for the coronavirus.”

This information was contained in the latest Covid-19 test result release from the Government, which said, “Active cases by vaccination status, transmission, and type:

  • “Imported cases: 28 [72%] are fully vaccinated, and 11 [28%] are not vaccinated.
  • “Local/Under Investigation cases: 22 [26%] are fully vaccinated, and 63 [74%] are not vaccinated.

Adding up the figures above provided by the Government shows that when looking at the overall total of currently active cases, 50  [40.32%] are fully vaccinated, and 74 of the active cases [59.67%] are not vaccinated.

The Government also stated, “Since July 1, there have been a total of 35,891 arrivals at the Airport. Out of those arrivals 98% of those arrivals have been vaccinated persons, and 2% have not been vaccinated.

“Since July 1 0.22% of all vaccinated travellers have tested positive on or after arrival, while 1.04% of unvaccinated travellers have tested positive.

“This means that unvaccinated travellers are 4.6 times more likely to test positive for the coronavirus. It is important that when looking at the data we look at the % of cases, and not the total volume and vaccinated travellers outnumber unvaccinated travellers by a factor of 52 to 1.”

In providing information on the type, the Government said, “Of the active cases by variant type: 0 are Alpha, 0 are Beta, 102 [82%] are Delta, 0 are Gamma, 0 are wildtype, 15 [12%] cannot be determined, and 7 [6%] are not available.”

The charts below provide a visual of the data we have access to as far as the 124 active cases, and the data reflects the latest information, which was issued on August 21, 2021.

As a note, the reason Bernews compiled the information and provided charts is as we are frequently asked to, if you look at public social media responses to our posts about Covid test results, there is often a response seeking vaccination status information, so since there appears to be interest in the data we are providing it.

As far as data of those hospitalized, which some would argue is the more important information, we asked the Government for some statistics on that this past weekend and will update if able.

However looking at some of the data we do have access to, on August 3rd 2021 the Government said there were three people in hospital and all were not vaccinated, and back in April 2021 the Government provided data [PDF here] on vaccination status of hospitalizations and deaths which showed that, as of that time, zero [0%] of hospitalization and deaths had 2 doses + 2 weeks.