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Covid Testing Availability Before Cup Match

Cup Match will take place later this week, and the Government is reminding people of the locations and hours of the Covid-19 community testing sites, as Cup Match will require a Safekey for entry, with a person needing to have either two doses of the vaccination or a recent negative test.

The Bermuda Government posted the graphic below online, saying: “Test-based Safekeys, which are required to attend Cup Match, are valid for 72 hours [3 days after the test day]. Covid-19 testing sites will be open from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.

“If you are tested on Monday and receive your Safekey that day, it will expire on Thursday at midnight. If you test and receive your Safekey on Tuesday, it will expire at midnight on Friday.

“If you intend to go to the match on both days and attend a Safekey event on Friday evening or Saturday, you will need to get your Safekey on Wednesday, which will expire on Saturday at midnight.

“The community testing sites are:

  • Bulls Head Car Park – Monday to Saturday
  • Old AS Coopers Shop, Clocktower Mall,
  • Dockyard – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Penno’s Wharf, St. Georges – Tuesday and Thursday

“Everyone is encouraged to book an appointment online or call the hotline if you require assistance 444-2498.”