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Doctors Association Vaccine Survey Results

The Bermuda Medical Doctors Association [BMDA] announced the results of their survey of island physicians regarding Covid-19 vaccines.

“As the largest representative body of medical doctors in Bermuda, the role of the BMDA is to advocate on behalf of physicians and their patients,” a spokesperson said.

“The Covid-19 survey, completed in July, was open only to local physicians with identification verified by email address, however, the answers were strictly confidential and not attributable to any individual. 71 responses were received.”

BMDA President Dr. Ben Lau, says: “To ensure we are accurately representing the views and interests of local physicians, we recently undertook a confidential survey regarding Covid-19, which illustrated that an overwhelming majority of local doctors would recommend vaccination.

“The pandemic has divided communities globally but as physicians, our collective interest lies in the welfare of all people. We collaborate every day across practices and specialties to protect and care for individual and collective health.

“We believe that individual physicians should be free to express their opinions and experience and, while the vast majority of doctors encourage vaccination, our care does not discriminate. The Bermuda physician community will continue to work together to deliver high quality healthcare for everyone.”

Survey Results

  • 95.77% of doctors [68] would recommend the Pfizer [or Moderna] mRNA Covid-19 vaccine for a healthy adult without contraindications; 4.23% [3] would not
  • 90.14% of doctors [64] would recommend the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine for a healthy adult over 40 without contraindications; 9.8% [7] would not
  • 71.83% of doctors [51] would recommend the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine for a healthy adult under 40 without contraindications; 28.17% [20] would not
  • 90% of doctors [63] would recommend the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 vaccine for a healthy child without contraindications between the ages of 12 and 15; 10% [7] would not [1 participant did not answer]
  • As a rule, 97.18% of doctors [69] recommend vaccinations [not including Covid-19 vaccines] to combat and prevent disease, 2.82% [2] do not
  • 91.43% of doctors [64] believe that Covid-19 vaccines contain the spread of the disease, 8.57% [6] do not; [1 participant did not answer]

Dr. Lau added: “As health professionals we respect one another, and quality of care can only be strengthened by sharing our varied approaches to treating patients through evidence-based practices.

“The last outbreak claimed over 20 Bermudian lives, some of the recovered are still experiencing ongoing symptoms and Covid-19 patients are once again being admitted to hospital and the intensive care unit. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to worsen in many countries, further fuelled by the Delta variant, we are united in our goal to provide the best outcomes for all our patients.”

“While the Covid-19 pandemic is a pressing issue, this survey is the first of many. Going forward, we intend to poll our members on an ongoing basis on a variety of topics and to provide further opportunities for physicians to express their opinions.”