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‘Doubt Will Be Europe Flight For Some Time’

“I sincerely doubt that there will be scheduled flight from Europe for some time,” Premier David Burt said when asked about the next British Airways flight during his Q&A on Facebook Live last night.

In responding to the question, Premier Burt said, “I sincerely doubt that there’ll be any scheduled flight from Europe for some time. Europe has a real issue with the coronavirus. There is certainly a growing issue in the United Kingdom, without question, we see what’s taking place inside of Europe. And there’s no scheduled flights this time.

“There may be an opportunity for there to be some further repatriation of Bermudians, but we need to discuss what that actually looks like,” he added.

The full video of the Premier’s Q&A last night, which was quite wide ranging:

“I was on the phone with the Premier of the Cayman Islands a few days ago and we were talking about possibly doing something in conjunction, as he also has an issue with some of his people who are in the United Kingdom who are looking to get home, but it’s something that we have to be very careful with because it does introduce additional risks.

“And what is likely is if we do have additional flights, those persons may not be given the opportunity to quarantine at home. Given the advancing nature of the virus, they would most like be required to quarantine inside of a facility.”

As it stands now, the airport is closed to incoming passenger flights for the next two weeks.