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Education Ministry On Return To School Testing

The Ministry of Education is reminding “parents and students to register for pre-return Covid testing, with negative results required to be submitted to allow for in-class learning on January 5th, 2022.”

Minister of Education Diallo Rabain said, “The response from teachers and students who have already registered for their return to school tests is positive. Thus far, we have 362 educators and 2080 students registered for testing.

“We appreciate the educators and parents’ support who are working to ensure that both teachers and students are tested and cleared for entry back to school on January 5th, 2022. Thank you for working with us as I am sure we all desire for our children to be back in school for in-class learning.”

Minister Rabain noted that “some teachers and students still had not registered for testing for a return to school next week and encouraged them to do so as soon as possible. If educators or students are being tested at private facilities, remember your negative results need to be forwarded by January 4th.

“While I certainly recognize that the testing dates fall on New Year’s Day weekend and the following Monday, I ask those that have yet to register to sign up as soon as possible. As announced last week, we have provided additional testing dates and times to allow teachers and students adequate time to get the required testing to return to in-school learning.”

To register for Covid testing: