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Government: Covid-19 Summer Safety Tips

The Government has released Covid-19 summer safety tips, with both the public and businesses encouraged to follow its guidance.

The Government posted the graphic online below, saying, “Covid-19 summer safety tips. The Ministry of Health advises that you continue to:

  • Wash or sanitize your hands regularly
  • Maintain a 6 foot physical distance from others, particularly if they have cold-like symptoms
  • Wear a mask in enclosed indoor spaces and crowded outdoor spaces
  • Take an antigen test if you have symptoms or you’ve been exposed to Covid-19. [Visit here for more testing information]
  • Stay at home and isolate yourself from others if you test positive
  • Consult your doctor about getting vaccinated, if you haven’t already

“Businesses are advised to continue encouraging customers to follow the above guidance [e.g. by making hand sanitizer available and placing signs in their establishments].”

Covid-19 Summer Safety Tips Bermuda July 2022