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Green Family Donate $100K To Vaccine Clinic

The Green family have made a donation of $100,000 to support the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic.

“This donation comes following the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation’s recent appeal for donations to help cover a balance of funds needed to the tune of $222,000. While the fund has received generous donations from individuals, the appeal is still in need of aid from the business community in order to reach its target,” a spokesperson said.

“These funds will help BHB increase the number of vaccinations it can carry out per day its clinic, so it can better support the Government’s vaccination programme. In turn, this will mean more Bermuda residents can be protected more quickly, especially in light of the recent surge in positive cases.

“While the Pfizer vaccine currently being administered to patients was supplied to Bermuda for free by the British government and at no cost to the public, donations will help pay the salaries of the nurses, pharmacists and administrative staff who run and support the clinic, as well as supplies. BHB’s clinic to date has administered 37 per cent of all vaccinations given on island.

“As of 27 March, nearly 38,000 vaccine doses have been given to the Bermuda public with 24 per cent of the island’s residents having received both doses. This puts the island well on track to herd immunity, which the Government estimates will be reached when 70 per cent of the population has received both doses.”

Lisa Sheppard, Executive Director at the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation, said: “We want to extend our most heartfelt thanks to the Green family for their immense and ongoing generosity – they are incredible pillars of our community and we are very grateful for them.

“This is a significant donation, which increases the number of people who can be vaccinated in Bermuda, but more support is needed. We thank the Green family for their leadership and hope that their donation inspires the business community to lend support where they can.”

Alexander Green said: “We are proud to support Bermuda Hospitals Board as they work to fulfil their role in the Government’s ambitious vaccination programme. Widespread vaccination is our best pathway out of the current pandemic restrictions and we are very pleased to support this major national effort.”

BHB’s Deputy CEO, R Scott Pearman, said: “We would like to thank the Green family for this generous donation. We have been impacted by the pandemic, just like many other organisations, and we are grateful for the assistance in meeting this unplanned expenditure.”