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Health Minister: Quarantine Time To Be Reduced

The time requirements to quarantine/isolate will be reduced, Minister of Health Kim Wilson said.

Speaking at yesterday’s [Jan 13] press conference, Minister Wilson said, “The current requirement for non-immunised persons who must quarantine or isolate is for a period of 14 days, and they must book and get a verified PCR to test out of quarantine/isolation. This requirement will change as they must now quarantine or isolate for only 10 days and test out on a verified antigen test after 10 days.

“If you are immunised and required to quarantine or isolate as a close contact, the current requirement is for a period of 10 days, testing out with a verified PCR test on day 10. This will change to a 7-day quarantine/isolation period with a verified antigen test required to test out.

“If you are immunised and boosted within 6 months, you currently must quarantine for 10 days and test out with a verified PCR test. This requirement will change, and no quarantine will be required. However, a verified antigen test is required on day 7. It is also recommended that daily antigen tests are taken for self-monitoring during the 7 day period.”

“The current requirement is 5 days with a verified Antigen test for immunised persons who require quarantine or isolation for repatriation to the US. Persons will be repatriated according to the country’s repatriation requirements, this requirement may be between 5-10 days quarantine, with a verified antigen or PCR test.

“Currently, returning residents and visitors conduct a pre-test, test on arrival, another test on day 4 and day 10 using a PCR. This requirement will change, and those travelling to Bermuda will conduct a pre-test, test on arrival and test on day 4 using a verified antigen test.

“Regardless of your quarantine and isolation requirements, everyone should follow public health guidance – avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close contact settings.

“Wear a mask indoors and outdoors if you cannot physically distance, practice good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance, and download the WeHealth Bermuda app. As well, those recently removed from quarantine or isolation should continue to monitor their health and symptoms.”