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KEMH Acute Care Unit Visiting Guidelines

Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] provided a factsheet with details about the current visiting limitations for acute care units at KEMH and a short animation to help inform people about the current guidelines.

Norma Smith, Vice President Acute and Ambulatory, comments: “We have fielded a lot of calls about the new visiting policy, so we want to make the information as freely available as possible.

“We are aware that many people want to visit their loved ones in hospital, but we have to remain cautious while the threat of COVID-19 remains. The acute care units care for our biggest patient group and with new admissions every day, we hope these additional resources are useful.”

“There are four KEMH acute care units. Three are in the Acute Care Wing [Ace Barber Ascendant Partner Re and Catlin Lindo], and one in the General Wing [Curtis Ward].

“The only exception for the following requirements are patients in isolation [including those with non-COVID-19 infectious diseases], and patients awaiting the results of COVID-19 tests.

“Visiting Requirements for KEMH Acute Care Units

  • “Patients in all the acute care wards can designate two support people to visit.
  • “Visitors are required to check in first at the front desk in the ACW, where the names of all support people are listed.
  • “They can visit up to two hours between 12 noon and 6pm every day.
  • “Only one person can visit at a time in Curtis Ward, where there are public and semi-public rooms.
  • “Two people can visit in the ACW units as rooms are larger and private, so physical distancing can be maintained.
  • “Visitors must remain masked and maintain physical distancing at all times [even with patients].
  • “Visitors should also wash hands regularly and well on entry and exit to the hospital, ward and patient room and in between if necessary.
  • “Visitors should also only use public restrooms, and not use patient bathrooms.”

The BHB Covid-19 Phase One Visiting Factsheet follows below [PDF here]: