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KPMG Supports The Women’s Resource Centre

Noting they are “committed to the community in which we live and work,” KPMG in Bermuda has provided financial support to the Women’s Resource Centre [WRC] in conjunction with Solstice.

“During these unprecedented times, the firm recognises that we need to support charities more than ever due to not only a shrinking economy, but businesses are coping with COVID-19 and as a result, tightening their budgets as they adjust to this ‘new normal’ way of living and working,” a spokesperson said.

Dr. Eloise Crick, a Registered Clinical Psychologist stated, “Solstice are delighted to partner with KPMG and WRC to provide comprehensive and world class mental healthcare to women and children in Bermuda.

“Solstice operates by designing individualised treatment packages around clients which are tailored to their needs and preferences. We continually audit our clinical results so we know we are effective – this is especially important when resources are scarce and it means we are confident that we can make optimum use of KMPG’s kind donation.”

Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director, the Women’s Resource Centre, said: “The Women’s Resource Centre are excited to work with KPMG along with Solstice in the provision of support services to the women in our community and their children during these unprecedented times. Although everyone has been affected by the pandemic, women have been disproportionately affected for many reasons.

“Women are very often front line workers in healthcare roles, they are more likely to have jobs on the lower economic scale and they are most likely to have responsibility for caring for and raising children [88% of single family headed households in Bermuda are women].

“Many of these Moms are also now juggling the role of homeschooling along with their jobs if they are fortunate enough to have one, as well as figuring out how to provide for their families if they don’t. This kind of collaborative support through our partnership will be very impactful in helping women to take steps toward getting their lives back on track.”

Steve Woodward, Chairman of the Corporate Citizenship Committee and Sector Lead, KPMG Private Enterprise said, “The firm is glad to assist the Women’s Resource Centre as we recognise how important mental health is, especially during COVID-19. KPMG employees were instrumental in raising funds for such a worthy organisation with the firm matching the amount raised.

“While we work hard to support our communities year round, It is especially challenging at this time. We are glad to be in a position to help and thrilled to see so many other companies providing support as well.”

The spokesperson added, “Each year, the firm produces a Corporate Citizenship report, highlighting initiatives conducted throughout the year. Employees not only provide financial aid, but also provide hands on assistance for numerous charities through out the year.

“Additionally, KPMG has a committee which oversees our corporate citizenship initiatives. Areas the firm focuses on are: Youth development, education, health, and the environment. If any organisation is in need of support, please email info@kpmg.bm, and a member of the committee will be in touch with you to see how we can assist.”