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Meal Pick Up Plan Aimed To Help Restaurants

In light of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce launched an initiative aimed at keeping restaurants operating, with a “plan to have customers order meals online and pick up curbside. ”

A spokesperson said, “Today the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce launched an initiative with the assistance of the City of Hamilton and the BEDC aimed at keeping restaurants operating, getting food to people that need it and maintaining the highest standards of safety.

“The plan is to have customers order meals on line and pick up curbside. Meals will be paid for over the telephone and food delivered to the patron’s car-curbside. The City of Hamilton will provide cones for restaurants to designate a parking bay directly outside to aid in swift delivery.”

Bermuda Chamber of Commerce CEO, Kendaree Burgess said, “The Chamber of Commerce is tasked with helping business operate in any and all conditions and implores residents to be mindful of the service, and to do their part in keeping Bermuda up and running where possible.

“City restaurants must register to participate by contacting either the Chamber or the BEDC. The Chamber will support the initiative with on going promotion and updates through out the Covid-19 period. We are encouraging restaurants outside the city to enact similar policies, although the cones will only be available for those within the city. Sign up from now for cone collection from Friday.”

Kendaree Burgess continued, “We recognize that the deadlines are tight but we want to have these procedures in place should wide scale quarantines become a reality.”

In support of this initiative the City of Hamilton COO Dwayne Caines said, “In light of the potential significant impact to businesses from the Coronavirus, the City of Hamilton fully supports the initiative for local restaurants to operate an enhanced take-out service for its consumers.

“With more than seventy eateries throughout Hamilton, it is imperative that businesses operate as close to normal as possible to help reduce the knock-on economic effect across the community.

“The City will identify designated parking bays in the vicinity of city restaurants that are taking part in the program. These bays will be for pick-up from the restaurants only, not for idling or visiting other businesses. It will be the restaurants’ responsibility to police the bays to ensure that they are being used for this purpose and this purpose only. Bays will be identified with City traffic cones.

“The City implores the public to use the bays for their intended purpose. Abuse of the bays will result in a failed initiative with a ripple effect that may be widespread. “

Erica Smith, Executive Director of the BEDC welcomed the initiative and encouraged all North Hamilton restaurants to join in.

She said, “The BEDC is committed to helping Bermuda’s small and medium-sized businesses startup, grow, and sustain, both during good times and especially during challenging times. The impact of Covid-19 on the world and our Island is unprecedented, and so whatever we can do to assist businesses weather this storm, we will.

“Partnerships are a tangible way to extend our assistance and so when asked to partner I said of course. We at the BEDC value being able to work with our partners at the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Hamilton, and the Bermuda Bankers Association to be able brainstorm and develop this initiative to assist our restaurants in their time of need. We hope restaurants will take advantage of this opportunity to deliver services differently, and we know the public will support these businesses in this time of need.”

“Please contact Debra Carreiro at the Chamber of Commerce on dcarreiro@bcc.bm or Raymond Lambert at rlambert@bedc.bm or info@bedc.bm at BEDC to participate.”