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‘Multi-Lane Drive-Through Facility At Southside’

Premier David Burt announced that a “multi-lane, drive-thru facility at Southside” will be launched on Friday.

Speaking at last night’s [April 22] press briefing, Premier Burt said, “On Friday, we will launch the multi-lane, drive-thru facility at Southside that will begin to test our essential workers. This is made possible due to the dedicated efforts of Dr. Carika Weldon, and her team of young Bermudian scientists.“

The Premier added, “There has been no greater champion of the importance of testing than myself. From the beginning of this pandemic, and even before it was declared as such, I’ve been convinced that the only way to adequately respond, and make it through this pandemic is to test, test, test.

“From the early days that has been our focus, and I now know far more about molecular testing than I ever dreamed I would. The knowledge that widespread testing brings informed decisions that we are required to make as a Government, and increases the understanding of our community. And the simple fact is that widespread testing is a necessary prerequisite to open our economy.

“So no one is more disappointed than I am, when we have not been able to test as aggressively as I know that we need to. It has been an uphill battle to ramp up testing, full of disappointments, which I shared with you earlier. But, I’m confident that we have turned that page and can do the testing required for us to be better informed about where we are as a country.”

So far there have been a total of 949 tests done, with 99 returning positive results. Initially the island had to send tests overseas, then obtained enough supplies to offer testing at one local lab, with the second local lab coming online in recent days.