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Nine People ‘Non-Compliant’ With Self-Quarantine

None of the more than 2,900 Community Check Points identified any persons who were under quarantine, however the Community Advisory Home Visits identified nine people as “non-compliant to self-quarantine,” Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said at this evening’s press briefing.

Currently there are 1,481 people listed as being in ‘self-quarantine with public health supervision’ which the Government website explains by saying, “All persons entering Bermuda from 17 March 2020 are to self-quarantine with public health supervision.”

“If you are quarantined, you must not leave your house,” the ‘Self-Quarantine Guidance’ document [PDF] on the Government website states. “You can go outside your house and sit outside, if there are no other people in the immediate area. You must be one meter [three feet] from others.”

The Minister said, “Community Advisory Points were put in place throughout the island, commencing on Monday 23rd March 2020. The numbers of Community Advisory points are as follows:

  • On Monday there were 90
  • Tuesday there were 1106
  • Wednesday there were 925
  • Thursday there were 291
  • Friday there were 376.
  • Today, Saturday 28th as of this press conference there were 138
  • Total number of Community Advisory Points was 2,926.

“None of the Community Check Points identified any persons who were under quarantine.

“The BPS commenced Community Advisory Home Visits on Thursday 26th 2020. The numbers are as follows:

  • On Thursday 16 visits were completed. Two persons were not at home.
  • On Friday 70 visits were completed. Three persons were not at home.
  • Today at the time of this press briefing there were 54 home visits and 4 persons were not at home.
  • Total persons identified as non-compliant to self-quarantine is 9 persons

“Additionally there are 25 persons who could not self-quarantine that are presently being housed in a facility provided by the government.

“All of the above information has been communicated to the Ministry of Health,” the Minister added.