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NMB Launches At Home With History Programme

The National Museum of Bermuda [NMB] is launching a new online programme “At Home with History” in an effort to stay connected during these challenging times.

A spokesperson said, “The National Museum of Bermuda [NMB] is launching a new online programme in an effort to stay connected during these challenging times. “At Home with History” will provide learning, literacy support and fun activities for students, families and life-long learners.

“Virtual tools and online programming mean that anyone with an internet connection can stay connected with NMB and continue to learn and better understand Bermuda’s rich and diverse history.

“To kick off their programme, a new 360 virtual tour of The Hall of History is available which can be accessed on all computer, tablet, and mobile devices. Created by Brandon Hull of HullFilm, this 360 panoramic of the impressive 1,000 square foot mural by local artist Graham Foster uses cutting edge technology allowing visitors to explore 500 years of Bermuda history from anywhere.

“Hull has previously created similar virtual tours for sites all over the world, including Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia and the Slave Quarters at Decatur House in Washington, D.C. A live Q & A through Facebook with members of the NMB curatorial team and the artist will be held in upcoming weeks. For a preview, visit The Hall of History virtual tour at the following link on the NMB website here.

“Though much has been written about Bermuda history, there are few visuals. The Hall of History serves as a unique entry point from which to uncover new stories and histories that have never been recorded in art. Completed in 2009, artist Graham Foster traces the 500-year human history of Bermuda and tells the Island’s multi-faceted story with vibrant detail, irreverent humour and poignant observations, capturing the imagination of all ages.

“From scenes of children line-fishing off a dock, to a gombey troupe celebrating Emancipation Day, to kite flying and beloved holidays like Cup Match, this stunning piece of history in art illustrates all of the elements that give Bermuda and its people their unique character, highlighting major historical events, obscure day-to-day happenings, and local customs and traditions. Foster did not, however shy away from the darker parts of our shared history which also shaped us, and the mural also includes and reflects on these, with images depicting slavery, segregation, imprisonment, and capital punishment.

“With the launch of “At Home with History”, NMB joins a global effort of museums using technology for ways to share their collections, insights and expertise while their doors are shut to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Some have moved their collections and exhibits online and others are offering virtual tours for those stuck at home and in need of a culture fix. NMB is proud to be part of this global effort to remain connected, and to support and build community.

“At a time of collective experience, NMB is elevating its education mission to serve educators, parents, and life-long learners island-wide and abroad. Follow the National Museum of Bermuda on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and check our website to stay connected and find out more about the new programme and our upcoming live events.”