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One: Retail Stores & Payment Centres Closed

One Communications retail store locations and payment centre are “closed until further notice” to prevent the spreading of Covid-19.

A spokesperson said, “In accordance with the government mandate, all of our Retail store locations and Payment Centre are now closed until further notice as an additional measure to prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

“Customer Care for residential and business services will remain available by:

  • Residential Call Centre – 700.7000
  • One Business Support – 700.7300
  • Online Chat Feature – www.onecomm.bm. Click the speech bubble on the bottom right corner of the home page.
  • Residential Email – info@onecomm.bm
  • One Business – businesssupport@onecomm.bm

“For payments, please use any of our automated or electronic options. Please note that access to our payment kiosks has been updated.

  • Kiosk Locations – Updated
  • Heron Bay – available during business hours, while the Heron Bay Marketplace building is open.
  • St. George’s – unavailable as of Monday, March 23rd
  • Church St., Hamilton – Unavailable as of Monday, March 23rd
  • Victoria St. Payment Centre – external kiosk is available 24/7

“Reminder: We strongly recommend using cards or automated payment options to complete payment transactions. Please remember to wash your hands, especially when handling cash. Stay safe and healthy.”

The company has previously announced that in an effort to help the community through the Covid-19 pandemic, they are suspending disconnects, waiving late fees, boosting speeds for customers on FibreWire internet plans and adding additional channels for FibreWire TV package customers at no additional charge.