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Over 33 Million Cases Worldwide


With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to affect countries around the globe, the number of confirmed cases worldwide has now surpassed 33 million, with over 998,000 deaths worldwide, and the United States having the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world.

A BBC story said, “Volunteers from across the North East are being invited to join a coronavirus vaccine study.

“It will test the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine developed by a US company that appears to train the immune system to fight Covid-19.

“The study’s being run from the University Hospital of Hartlepool. The government has secured 60 million doses of the vaccine for the UK in case it proves successful and they’ll be made in Stockton.

“Early tests showed the jab leads to high levels of virus-fighting antibodies being produced. However, it will take months before it is clear if the vaccine is safe and effective.”

A CNN story said, “Almost half the US is reporting increased numbers of new Covid-19 cases as health experts warn of a potential coronavirus surge in the fall and winter.

“As of Sunday, the number of new coronavirus cases has increased by at least 10% or more compared to the week before in 21 states, most of them in the West, according to a CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University.

“Cases are rising in Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington State, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.”