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Over 70 Businesses Approved To Operate

Over 70 businesses — including laundromats, hardware stores, paint stores, plant nurseries, drinking water suppliers, pet shops, shipping companies, and couriers — have been granted approval to operate during the Shelter in Place period.

Speaking at yesterday evening’s [April 22] press conference, Minister Wayne Caines advised that “71 approvals have been granted for specific businesses to operate.”

Minister Caines said, “These businesses have very strict guidelines in place and must adhere to them at all times. If they deviate from the guidelines, they will be shut down.

“The public can visit the Government website on www.gov.bm/coronavirus-forms to see what businesses have been granted permission to operate. Any business that opens contrary to the Emergency Powers [Shelter in Place] Regulations is liable to prosecution.

“The BPS Traffic Wardens and Court Bailiffs will be ensuring that approved businesses in and around the City of Hamilton are complying with the COVID-19 Exemption regulations. This included making sure that businesses and customers are practicing social distancing and also ensuring that approved businesses are opening and closing at the correct times.”

The name system still applies to most these businesses, with Mondays for persons whose surnames begin with the letters A to F, Tuesdays for G to Q, and Wednesdays for R to Z. Laundromats can open from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and only one customer is allowed in the laundromat at any one time, and by appointment only.

The section on the Government website with the list of businesses is is here.