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PartnerRe Donates $226,825 For Covid-19 Relief

PartnerRe Ltd. announced two donations totaling $226,825 aimed at supporting Bermudians directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesperson said, “PartnerRe Ltd. [PartnerRe], has announced two donations totaling $226,825 aimed at supporting Bermudians directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“A donation for $126,825 to the Coalition for the Protection of Children which provides food and therapeutic treatment for children, was raised through the personal donations of employees, Board members and Executive members and matched by the Company.

“PartnerRe made a previous donation in April of $100,000 to the Bermuda Emergency Fund managed by Bermuda’s Community Foundation [BCF] to provide essential services to Bermuda’s most vulnerable people.

“Outside PartnerRe’s company-led giving, many of PartnerRe’s employees have made their own personal donations and volunteered their time to other local causes related to COVID-19 relief.

“In total PartnerRe and its employees have donated more than $550,000 to COVID-19 relief efforts worldwide as part of the Company’s commitment to being responsible corporate citizens.”

PartnerRe’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Clarke, said: “As the world confronts the impact of COVID-19, we are reminded daily how we need to pull together as a community. At PartnerRe, we feel a strong duty to support the communities we live and work in, especially here in Bermuda which has been our headquarter office for 27 years.

“Everyone at PartnerRe, from our employees to members of our Board, wants to demonstrate their solidarity with those in the local community who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic.”

Kelly Hunt, Executive Director of the Coalition for the Protection of Children, said: “The families we serve are very grateful to have this help from PartnerRe as they navigate through ensuring that their children’s basic needs are met. Now more than ever, this donation will have a significant impact on the organization’s ability to provide food security and other necessary support.

“We sincerely thank PartnerRe and its employees for their generous individual, and company contributions. Without this partnership, we could not continue to provide these essential services, so it is much appreciated.”

Dr. Myra Virgil, Managing Director of the BCF, thanked PartnerRe, saying: “This generous donation to Bermuda’s Emergency Fund was much needed and has been a huge help to the nonprofits providing essential services to Bermuda’s vulnerable populations.

“It is heart-warming to see how the corporate community and individual citizens rallied to enable them to do their job. The Emergency Fund will continue to support our community as long as funds are available, but we know that Bermuda will need to progress from crisis mode to stabilisation and recovery in the near future.”

Concluding, Mr. Clarke said: “On behalf of everyone at PartnerRe, our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by COVID-19 and its consequences. We hope that these donations will go some way to helping the people in Bermuda who have been hit the hardest.”