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Pembroke Parish Council Relief Packages

The Pembroke Parish Council announced the creation of a $6,000 Pandemic Relief Initiative to provide assistance to Pembroke residents who have been made redundant as a result of Covid-19, and to help senior citizens, 65 years and older.

A spokesperson said, “The pandemic assistance packets will contain 3, $100-dollar vouchers; one for a grocery store, one for BELCO, and one for a pharmacy. Ten Pembroke residents who have been made redundant, and 10 [self-nominated or nominated] seniors will receive the packets on a first come, first served basis. Recipients will be eligible only once, although Council Chair, Ms. Patricka Ferguson, said the Council is likely to provide similar packets for more parish residents in the near future.

“We believe it is the responsibility of the community to take care of each other during times of need. No matter how big or small the act, it is the nature of Bermudians to come together and assist where they can. The aim of the Pembroke Parish Council is no different than what we know the Bermudian culture to be – help your neighbor. If we as a community do not invest in one another, the value of our community will diminish.’

“Interested persons should submit names and contact information as follows:

For Redundant Workers –

  • Name
  • ID showing DOB and current address [e.g. current driver’s license, utility bill within last 3 months, etc.]
  • Letter of redundancy from employer on company letterhead
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

For Seniors [65 years or older]

  • Name
  • ID showing DOB and current address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

“All applications should be sent to Pembrokeparishcouncil@gmail.com

“Deadline for submissions: Monday, May 11, 2020, at 5 p.m.”