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Premier David Burt Positive For Coronavirus

[Updated with video] Premier David Burt confirmed tonight that he has “tested positive for a coronavirus infection,” and fortunately the Premier, who noted he is ‘immunized,’ is feeling fine, and his family has tested negative and he is isolating from them.

Speaking at tonight’s press conference, Premier David Burt said, “You are used to seeing me at these press conferences from the Cabinet Office, but there is a reason why I’m joining remotely today – and that I because I recently tested positive for a coronavirus infection. I was a very low level positive due to the fact that my immune system can recognise the virus due to the vaccine, and I have had no symptoms whatsoever.

“It was my 5th test in 3 weeks. On Good Friday my entire family tested negative so it was quite a shock – especially as we’ve been extra cautious, but it is a shock experienced by many. Thankfully they have all tested negative again and they are quarantining while I am isolating from them as required by law.

“I am fine, and thankfully because I have been immunised, I have no fear, but it is a reminder to all of us that we cannot be too careful – and we should avail ourselves of the testing that is available and make sure we protect ourselves.

“This virus is not a hoax, it is real. It has impacted the world, it has impacted our island, it has impacted families, it has impacted our national psyche. However there is one thing that it has not impacted – and that is this Government’s determination to see this country through.”

“Unlike other countries, we have enough vaccine to get this country to Herd Immunity, we will accelerate our vaccination programme, and we will salvage our peak tourism season. Just like we set a goal to administer 38,000 vaccine doses by the end of March, I have no doubt that we will meet the goal of herd immunity by the end of May. ”

Update 11.13pm: The Premier tweeted, “I tested positive for Covid-19 and I am in isolation. But, because I was vaccinated, I had no symptoms at all and I feel fine. Vaccines save lives. Please register to help #Bermuda get to herd immunity by the end of May.” He also provided this link to register: https://vaccine.resqwest.com/web/