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RUBiS Donates 200 $20 Fuel Cards To Regiment

An energy company has stepped up to help Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers stay on the roads.

Fuel supplier RUBiS has donated 200 $20 fuel cards to the RBR – enough to give one to every soldier embodied over the Covid-19 crisis.

Jermaine Simons, the sales manager at RUBiS and a former RBR Sergeant Major, said: “RUBiS Bermuda is pleased to show our appreciation to the Royal Bermuda Regiment soldiers that have been embodied during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This group of frontline essential workers have had to spend at least the past 4 weeks being physically separated away from their family, including children, whilst providing a service to their country.

“Unlike other times of natural disaster, their families have not had the benefit of a neighbour or other family member being able to physically visit them while sheltering in place.

“This level of sacrifice is greatly appreciated by RUBiS and, we are sure, our community as well.”

The donation was arranged with the Royal Bermuda Regiment Association [RBRA], set up this year to keep former soldiers in touch with each other and work for the welfare of serving soldiers.

Peter Aldrich, vice president of the RBRA, said he was delighted by the “generous response” from the firm.

He added: “Some of the soldiers, once they have returned to civilian life, may not have jobs any more, so all assistance is appreciated.”

The RBRA earlier drummed up donations of phone services to embodied troops from telecommunications firms Digicel and One Communications worth about $30,000.

Mr Aldrich, a former RBR Sergeant, now a business consultant, said: “From an association point of view, I’m very happy we were able to get in touch with our community partners and the response we’ve had is incredible.”

He added:”The association is off to a good start and I just hope we can use this to leverage membership. The strength of the RBRA is our membership and the more people we have, the more we can do in the future.”

Mr Simons said: “We trust this fuel donation will ease some of the burden their families may be under, so that they can dedicate their focus on ensuring that the mission of maintaining the health & safety precautions we are under is achieved.”

RUBiS Bermuda is committed to Bermuda and we are proud to assist wherever we can.”

Regimental Sergeant Major Jason Harrell said that the soldiers were touched by the gesture from the company.

He added: “It’s a great thing and the soldiers were delighted. They have been working very hard for weeks to protect the public and practical assistance like this underlines the fact that their service to the country is noticed and appreciated.”

For more information or to join the RBRA, email regimentassociation@gmail.com.