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Updated Timeline Page At BermudaCovid.Com

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began last year, Bernews has been keeping track of some of the most significant developments, with some of that information presented in a timeline format on our dedicated Covid website at BermudaCovid.com.

By this time the main timeline is quite long  — with almost 400 entries spanning back to the start of 2020 — so we upgraded the timeline page to also provide shorter focused versions covering vaccinations, curfew changes, classification changes, deaths, a timeline of April only which was the worst month on record, as well as a global timeline.

Quick animation showing the newly added shorter focused versions of the timelines

The date format timelines allow you to scroll through and see a number of factors presented by date, enabling you to make your own determination as to any possible correlations and impacts of various aspects.

These timelines are presented on the website alongside a wealth of other information, including a dashboard that provides an at-a-glance view of Bermuda’s Covid-19 status, detailed charts covering cumulative test results and more, vaccination data, a dashboard covering case and fatality numbers from across the globe, and more.

At almost 2,000 pages, the BermudaCovid.com website is now the largest repository of information regarding Covid-19 on the island and provides a thorough archive of Bermuda’s handling and response to the virus, with an aim to create a strong historical record that can be accessed for years to come. As always, BermudaCovid.com is a work in progress, and the timelines will be updated and expanded as time passes.

Quick animation showing a small part of the full version of the timeline which covers over one year