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Vaccine Hotline Experiencing Technical Issues

The Bermuda Government Vaccine Hotline is “currently experiencing technical issues,” officials have advised.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Government Vaccine Hotline, 444-2498 and select option #2, is currently experiencing technical issues. At this time not all calls are being answered immediately. Some of the calls are going into the call queue and being routed to voice-mail.

“Please continue to call as the call agents are able to answer the calls that are not being routed to the queue.”

Please also recall that you can register for the vaccine via the Government’s online form here. According to the form, “Registration is now open to residents who are in Phase 1 or Phase 2 priority groups:

“Phase 1: Residents 65 years and up, rest home residents, frontline healthcare workers, essential workers, and extremely vulnerable people [those undergoing chemotherapy, those with lupus, severe asthma or severe COPD]

“Phase 2: Residents 50 years and up, essential travellers [medical travel or return to school only], and vulnerable people {those with heart disease, chronic kidney or liver disease, diabetes].