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Video: Bernews Covid-19 Discussion Episode 1

Sustainability, leading by example, food security, the response so far, and making tough decisions were among the topics of discussion during Bernews first episode in a special series about the Covid-19 pandemic, which is hosted by Eron Hill and Ryan Robinson Perinchief.

Joining Mr Hill and Mr Robinson Perinchief today were Ciara Burrows, a law student who is currently in the UK, and Stratton Hatfield, who holds a Masters in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design and runs the Wecount website; and they discussed a wide range of topics pertaining to this unprecedented situation as the island deals with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The series will continue every Tuesday and Thursday at 2.00pm, and will move to a live stream format soon, we just started with a recorded version to ensure the technical aspects were all worked out, however we will soon be live streaming the show on our website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, with plans to have a more interactive format. The programme is just getting underway, and everyone is welcome to contribute ideas, topics or concepts as we move forward, as the aim is to have a community discussion.