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Video: BNV Interview With Five Doctors

Dr. Henry Dowling, Dr. Amne Osseyran, Dr. Ayeesha Peets-Talbot, Dr. Amani Flood and Dr. Kuni Frith are joining Bernews this evening [June 9] for the latest episode in the Bernews News & Views series.

All are involved in a new series — entitled “Beyond the Pandemic” — which is being billed as “an eye-opening local television series designed to break the silence, reveal true stories, and share solutions that can help us all get beyond the pandemic.”

A spokesperson previously said, “This series is a grassroots initiative embarked upon collectively, by the Emperial Group and a growing group of concerned health professionals from various disciplines, in response to what they were hearing from their clients, coupled with loud cries from the community for more balance, inclusion and objectivity in conversations pertaining to the pandemic.”