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Video: Covid Safe & Responsible Travel Webinar

The Bermuda Tourism Authority recently hosted a free webinar to help Bermuda residents learn about the requirements for Covid-19 testing while they travel.

The BTA said, “Bermuda residents’ access to Covid-19 testing before they return home from the United States is the subject of a webinar now available online. The Covid-19 Webinar for Safe & Responsible Travel took place Friday, January 15, 2021. The content included important information about new outbound travel protocols which require a negative Covid-19 test to be taken within 72 hours of arrival into Canada, the U.S., and U.K.

Featured panelists at the webinar included Glenn Jones, Interim CEO, Bermuda Tourism Authority, Kirk McMurray, Co-Founder & CEO, OpenClear, LLC; Dr Cheryl Lee Eberting, Founder & CEO, AZOVA, Inc; and Dr Carika Weldon, Science Advisor to the Bermuda Government and Laboratory Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory [MDL], while Don Burgess served as the moderator.