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Video: Using The Covid SafeKey At A Restaurant

A digital Covid SafeKey — which is available after receiving a negative coronavirus test result or having two doses of the vaccine – is now being used, with the SafeKey using a QR code that can be read by a phone.

Premier David Burt previously explained that, “A SafeKey QR code is valid for 3 days for a negative test result, and until June 15th for fully immunised persons during the initial rollout phase. As this is a new programme these expiry periods may be adjusted while we learn how to best apply them.

“When a SafeKey is presented by the user to a business or establishment, the business can check to ensure it is authentic by going to verify.gov.bm on the web browser of a phone, and scan the QR Code using the camera. This means no special equipment is needed in order to validate that the SafeKey is authentic and not a forgery.”

The Government recently amended the regulations to “enable indoor dining to be opened for licensed restaurants if the licensed restaurant verifies that all patrons have a SafeKey.”

Bernews stopped by a restaurant and, with permission, filmed the process for anyone interested in seeing how it works; you produce your SafeKey and they scan it. Don — or to be technically correct “Donald Burgess” as his SafeKey states as since it uses his full name — shows it is a quick process.

Premier Burt previously said, “It is important to note, that though indoor dining is limited to persons with SafeKey at this time, this will not be the case forever. If Bermuda successfully meets the targets set for our move to Phase 3 of our reopening, all restaurants will be able to be open for indoor dining for all persons.

“However, using SafeKey for indoor dining now will allow many local businesses to rehire more staff who have been laid off due to the existing restrictions, while we continue our collective work as a country to eliminate local transmission. As a country we have sacrificed and this Government wants to get as many persons back to work as quickly as possible.”