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Videos: Premier Burt On Covid-19 Preparation

[Updated with 2nd video] Premier David Burt delivered a National Address this evening [March 16] providing an overview on the island’s preparations for the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The Premier said, “With the announcement that everyone arriving to our shores will be required to self-quarantine, Bermuda is moving to another phase in our efforts to protect our borders and reduce the risk of importation of possible Covid–19 cases and to contain the possible spread of this disease.

“This was a difficult decision as it essentially shuts down our borders and our tourism industry, but controlling community spread of Covid – 19 and preserving the safety of our Bermudian people is paramount.”

“As it stands today: There are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Bermuda. All suspected cases to date which we have received results for are negative, with many persons testing positive for the flu.

“International shipping lines remain open with regular shipments of food and supplies continuing throughout this situation. I can also confirm that we have contingencies in place in the unlikely event that this is disrupted.

Update | Interview with Premier David Burt

“Covid–19 testing continues to be performed at the Caribbean Public Health Agency [Carpha] facility in Trinidad & the Government is investigating all options to increase the speed by which we can test and receive accurate results.

“Covid–19 Testing kits have been ordered, and a private jet is on standby to bring them to Bermuda as soon as they are ready to ship and we expect that we will have on-island testing capability later this week.”

“I want to remind each of you that the most effective way to contain the spread of Covid – 19 is to practice proper hygiene, engage in frequent, proper handwashing, maintain social distancing and if you are feeling ill or on self-quarantine, please stay at home.

“If the preventative and containment measures recommended by the government are not followed it could lead to the overwhelming of our medical system and the deaths of friends, family and neighbors. Together we must do everything we can to avoid this situation.”

The Premier added, “It has been said that in times of crisis, truth is the first casualty. Rumors are flying rampant, creating panic and a drain on human resources . This is not helpful. I strongly discourage the spreading of false information which may incite fear and panic in the community.”

“I am confident that Bermuda will stay united, we will stay calm, we will all take sensible precautions, we will help each other, and together we will overcome this.”