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20 Point List Of Regulations In Effect As Of Today

A number of new regulations took effect today [April 20] and we have attempted to compile a list of 20 of the key points, however please note that it is, in no way, representative of all the regulations, just aims to be a helpful guide of some of the key ones to assist everyone.

The information below was gathered from the 9-page official amendment and Government video Q&A events, and to stress again, it is not a complete list nor an official list, it is just an overview of some key areas.


A permitted business, so they remain open

Beauty Salons/Barbershops

They remain closed

Construction & Landscaping Work Allowed

The regulations allow people to work in these fields under these stipulations, “Persons engaged in construction, maintenance and related services, in accordance with relevant guidance, where the site is outdoors; or indoors, if the premises are uninhabited. Persons engaged in landscaping.


Regulations state: “Minor children of parents who do not live together may spend nights at the home of either parent to give effect to an agreement between the parents.”

Courier Services Allowed

Courier services allowed to operate


It is now 8pm – 6am


Minister Wilson said that cycling is now permitted

Fishermen & Farmers Can Sell

Licensed fishermen and registered commercial farmers may sell fresh produce roadside, Monday to Saturday only and between the hours of 7am to 7pm, and they may also make deliveries to customers.

Gas Stations

Permitted businesses, so allowed to open

Grocery Stores Open With Surname System

Permitted businesses so they remain open at 20% capacity, and the surname system remains in effect: A – F Mon & Thur | G – Q Tues & Fri | R – Z Wed & Sat | Sundays: 55 & over, disabled persons; essential workers & workers not required to work from home – these individuals may shop on their relevant day.

Laundromats Open By Appointment Only To One Household

Laundromats can open by appointment only, with the regulations stating that only “customers who are members of one same household to be allowed in the laundromat at any one time. They regulations also state, “a wash and fold service may be provided, so long as customers are not permitted to enter the premises during the drop-off or collection of their laundry.”


School buildings will remain closed, except for teachers that need to enter the facility to facilitate remote learning.

Surname System

Update | We will now classify this as ‘seeking clarification’ as varied information as been provided. It definitely applies to grocery stores. We have again asked the Government for clarity on exactly *where* the name system applies and will update as able.

Tynes Bay

Minister Ming said, “Tynes Bay drop off facility will re-open for its normal operating hours, residents should adhere to the alphabetical system.” We have asked the Government for information on what the ” alphabetical system” actually is.

Parks/Beaches/Trail Open, No Mixing Households

You can access beaches, parks, the Railway Trail and playgrounds alone or with members of your own household only.


Permitted businesses, so allowed to open

Retail Stores Open For Curbside Pickup and Delivery Only

Retail stores can open from 7am to 7pm for curbside pickup and delivery only

Restaurants Open For Delivery & Take Out Only

Restaurants can open between 7am to 7pm for pick up and delivery only,  dine-in services are prohibited.

Recreational Boating Is Allowed, No Mixing Households

It is allowed, as long as you don’t mix households, stay out past curfew or engage in a raft-up. The regulations state, “Only persons who are members of the same household may use a boat for any recreational purposes. No person shall use a boat for recreational purposes after 7pm. No person shall tie his boat to another boat [raft-up] for recreational purposes.”

No Mixing of Households In General

Regulations state: “A person shall not assemble in a group that includes persons who are not members of the same household, or host such a group, in any public or private place, unless doing so cannot reasonably be avoided in the course of an activity permitted by or under these Regulations.”

Need More Information?

Please read the regulations below, watch the Government media’s Q&A video from last night below,  call the government Covid information number at 444-2498 or visit www.gov.bm/coronavirus. Please also note that things can, and do change, and the information above accurately reflects the regulations and comments made by officials at the time of printing.

Govt QA held last night on the new regulations:

The Stay at Home amendment regulations follow below [PDF here]: