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$234K: Workers & People Directed To Quarantine

The Ministry of Finance “has paid $234,000 to those who are not working and others who have been directed to quarantine” in the past few weeks, Acting Premier Walter Roban said.

This follows after increased restrictions were put in place last month due to an outbreak of Covid-19, with the restrictions including the closure of all indoor bars and clubs, gatherings limited to 10 people, and the curfew being reinstated, with a time of 11pm to 5am.

The amount of cases announced per day through December 2020

Speaking at the last press briefing of 2020, Acting Premier Walter Roban said, “I will now talk about help that is available to those who are not working due to no fault of their own and what this government is doing to support them. In recent weeks, the Ministry of Finance has paid $234,000 to those who are not working and others who have been directed to quarantine.

“The first group are verified employees of bars, night clubs and members clubs that have had to close due to current Covid-19 restrictions. The total benefit for these people is $500 a week for the period that these restrictions are in place.

“The spirit of this benefit is to compensate individuals who work at these establishments and are unable to earn their ordinary salary.

“The initial benefit of four weeks or $2,000 has been paid to individuals who completed and submitted the application, this included verification from their employer. The Government may extend the benefit further, if needed.

“Those who have submitted their application and not received information or payment should contact their employer to make sure they complete the necessary documentation.

“So far 74 people have been paid a total of $148,000.

“The other group that has been approved for financial support are individuals who have been directed into mandatory quarantine or isolation by the Ministry of Health. These individuals who are unable to earn their ordinary wage can apply for this benefit.

“Starting on 18 December, these individuals have been paid biweekly. The benefit payout will be calculated at 60% of an individual’s remuneration with a maximum of $500 per week. 116 applications have been approved and a total of $86,600 has been paid.”