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$25,000 Raised To Launch Legal Challenge

A legal challenge to the Covid-19 regulations set to be launched by Dr Courtenay Griffiths QC and Charles Richardson has raised more than  £17,685 [$25,014] as of this writing, with over 100 pledges made on the online crowd funding page.

Dr Courtenay Griffiths previously said, “The Bermuda Constitution Order 1968 guarantees fundamental rights, liberties and freedoms that we all are entitled to. Whilst we accept that the Constitution permits the Government to interfere with personal liberties; such interference must be reasonably necessary, reasonable justifiable, and in the public interest.”

Dr Griffiths also claimed that they “hold the view that the Government’s existing and impending Covid-19 regulations have gone a step too far; the Government’s restrictions and regulations are oppressive and trample on Bermudians’ constitutional rights.”