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$670,000 Donated To BHB Covid Vaccine Clinic

Lynnette Bean, BHB VP, Quality & Patient Safety; David Kendell, Department of Health Director; Wesley Miller, BHB Chief of Staff; Shaunae Smith, BHB Clinical Manager; Penny MacIntyre, Chair BHCF; Scott Pearman, BHB Deputy CEO; Judy Richardson, Chief of Nursing; Mike Richmond, BHB CEO

Following donations both corporate and private, the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation [BHCF] has contributed $670,000 to the Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] for the operation of its Covid-19 vaccination clinic.

A spokesperson said, “Thanks to the kindness and generosity of the Bermuda community, both corporate and private, the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation contributed $670,000 to the Bermuda Hospitals Board for the operation of its Covid-19 vaccination clinic.

“By the end of this month at the winding down of the hospital’s clinic, BHB was responsible for administering 51,319 doses of the Pfizer shot to the Bermuda population, representing just over 40 percent of vaccinated people in Bermuda.”

BHCF Chair Penny MacIntyre said, “The timely and impactful financial support enabled BHB to fully support Bermuda’s vaccination effort, saving more lives and livelihoods.

“Our corporate donations totaled just over $600,000 thanks to the generosity of the Green family, who kicked off the corporate challenge beginning with their initial donation of $100,000. The Greens added an additional $50,000 to drive home the importance of vaccination as the way forward for Bermuda and Bermuda businesses. Private donors contributed over $40,000 while online banking transfers totaled over $25,000.”

BHCF Executive Director Lisa Sheppard said, “The generous response from both the corporate and private communities was astounding. From the hundreds of private citizens who donated quietly online, to the small businesses and major corporations stepping up and contributing to the vaccination clinic was overwhelming and truly humbling.

“The BHCF is profoundly grateful to its supporters for allowing us help the BHB with this vital initiative.”

Judy Richardson, Chief of Nursing, said, “On behalf of BHB, I would like to thank the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation and its generous donors. These funds helped us set up and run a fully functioning vaccination clinic to support the Government’s national programme for almost a full year. It has been a true community-wide effort to get vaccination up over 70% in Bermuda.

“This directly translates to lives saved, and it will have reduced patient admissions. It is sobering to imagine what the delta surge would have looked like if there hadn’t been the majority of residents vaccinated, especially in vulnerable groups and over 65’s, where vaccination rates are over 85%. So once more, to all who donated, our deepest gratitude for your assistance in helping our community through the pandemic.”

The spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation strives to continue to support vital BHB initiatives throughout the pandemic and beyond.

“With great appreciation to all individuals, and the following companies who donated to support the KEMH Vaccination Clinic:

  • Green Family
  • AXA/XL
  • Stable House
  • Sail GP
  • BF&M
  • Lindo’s
  • Argus
  • Appleby
  • Gibbons/Colonial
  • Bermuda Hotel Association
  • Viking Foods
  • Harrington Re
  • Supermarket
  • ARCH
  • IBC/ZipEx
  • XBTO
  • ABM
  • St. George’s Trust
  • Bermuda Stock Exchange
  • Rayclan
  • Anonymous