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Covid-19 Health Worker Profile: Sakina Usher

The Bermuda Government is spotlighting some of the health professionals who have helped during the pandemic, with this profile highlighting Laboratory Supervisor Sakina Usher.

Ms. Usher’s Covid-19 Health Profile says, “In the fight against Covid-19, 35-year-old Sakina Usher and her colleagues serve as an unseen but vital support system to medical professionals on the front lines. Together, they worked to secure coronavirus test material and ensured that the island had access to quality supplies and resources to meet the needs of government initiatives for the public’s health and well-being.

“This was one of our greatest challenges considering the competition that comes with global demand,” Ms Usher said. “At the same time, it was my number one motivation. I knew that to protect Bermuda, we couldn’t be in a position where we couldn’t identify a case. So, that was the goal I worked towards: getting us to a place of safety and security.”