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Curfew Lifted Effective Today

The changes to the regulations took effect at 6.00AM today [Nov 1], with the changes including the curfew being lifted, and group sizes increased from 20 to 30 people.

In releasing the test results on Wednesday [Oct 27], Minister of Health Kim Wilson said, “The Ministry of Health is pleased to announce changes to the Public Health [Covid-19 Emergency Powers] [Phased Re-opening] Regulations 2021 as listed below.

1. Curfew will be lifted.

2. Group sizes will be limited to a maximum of 30 people [up from 20 people] unless a large group exemption is granted. This impacts:

  • weddings, funerals and domestic partnerships’ services and ceremonies, as well as the wakes and receptions,
  • recreational boats, which are limited to 30 people, and,
  • Island Boats, where SafeKey is required for boats with more than 30 people.

3. The number of people permitted to sit at a table will no longer be restricted to 10, and this applies to bars, clubs and restaurants.

“The changes will come into effect at 6 am on 1 November 2021.”

Screenshot of the curfew timeline via BermudaCovid.com