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“Government Quarantine Facility For 14 Days”

“Whether travelers arrive from London or the United States, once they arrive in Bermuda they will be mandated to enter a Government quarantine facility for 14 days,” Premier David Burt said, adding that a new order requires this, and the Government has secured a facility with more than 300 rooms to meet the demand.

The Premier noted that we have Bermudians — ranging from students to seniors — stranded overseas, and said the Government is working to help bring them home via charter flights as we “have an obligation to help bring home every Bermudian who is stranded overseas by circumstances far beyond their control.”

The Premier’s comments were made as the island recorded our 35th confirmed case of Covid-19, and the worldwide tally surpassed 1 million, as the pandemic continues to spread across the world.

Premier’s Comments

During yesterday’s press briefing, the Premier said, “Working with a local travel agency, who have generously secured a charter flight by Delta Airlines – and the travel agency is Travel Edge – a flight is being organized to bring travellers who may be stranded in the United States, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bermuda. There is a cost for this flight. However, the more persons who take advantage of the flight, the cost could be reduced.

“If you have a loved one in the United States who needs to return home, direct them to coronavirus.gov.bm to complete the Returning Bermuda Residents form to add their name to the list. It should be noted that priority, both in London, and in cases from the United States are for persons who are students or vulnerable persons. Then it goes to people who are ordinarily resident in Bermuda. Persons who have moved overseas and are not normally resident and are lower on the priority list and may not be given seats on the flight given that there may be space constraints.

“Whether travelers arrive from London, or the United States, once they arrive in Bermuda they will be mandated to enter a Government quarantine facility for 14 days. The Minister of Health has signed a new order that requires this, and our Government has secured a facility, with more than 300 rooms to meet these required quarantine demands.

“As I’ve stated previously, we have an obligation to help bring home every Bermudian who is stranded overseas by circumstance far beyond their control. And as I’ve stated previously, some of the stories which you’re hearing that I’ve heard, are not good.

“I just got off the phone with Ms. Kimberly Durant who runs our London office, and we have students that are literally calling her office in tears, because there are no services and support for them as their universities have shut down, and they are very literally the only person that is left on their university campus. The fortunate thing is that most of those students will be home on Monday.

“I have heard stories of our seniors who are having retired have made the decision to vacation and have ended up in a city where they hadn’t planned to stay in and spending money on flight, hotel rooms, and food that they had not budgeted for. These are our people, and I’m happy that we continue to work with Government House and the Foreign Commonwealth Office to resolve their dire situations.”

Quarantine [Incoming Traveller] Order 2020

The Quarantine [Incoming Traveller] Order 2020, which is dated April 2nd, states that persons entering Bermuda from the April 3rd “shall comply with this Order” until it is revoked by the Minister of Health.

It states, “Each person entering Bermuda by commercial aircraft,private jet or ship shall, upon being landed in Bermuda, be placed in quarantine for a period not exceeding 14 days, at a place approved by the Quarantine Authority for the purpose.”

It also notes that “any person who contravenes the provisions of this Order commits an offence under section 11 of the Quarantine Act 2017.”

The Order includes exceptions, for example for a ship in transit and an “aircraft operating for the purpose of giving medical attention,delivering medical supplies to Bermuda, or airlifting a patient to or from Bermuda.”

The full Quarantine [Incoming Traveller] Order 2020 follows below [PDF here]: