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Green Family Donate Additional $50,000

The Green family have made a second donation to the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic Fund and are “making an urgent call for residents to get vaccinated.”

A spokesperson said, “The Green family have made a second donation to the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic Fund and are making an urgent call for residents to get vaccinated.

“The local family, who own Hamilton Princess & Beach Club in addition to other commercial properties in Hamilton, have made their donation of $50,000 less than three weeks after their initial donation of $100,000. This money will go toward King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s vaccination clinic’s running costs, including staff salaries and the purchase of administrative expenditure.

“Currently, 37 percent of the population have received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, with 51 per cent having received at least one dose. The Government has determined that herd immunity will be reached when 70 per cent of the population* has been vaccinated against the virus.

“This second donation comes after the Government’s announcement of what future restrictions will look like for travellers to and from Bermuda. They, as well as many other business stakeholders, recognise the importance of herd immunity and want to raise awareness of its importance to the speed and success for the island’s economic recovery from the pandemic.

Alexander Green said: “We are making this second donation to the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Fund so that we can continue to support Bermuda’s healthcare professionals in their incredibly important mission of immunising the public. Too many people have died from this terrible disease, both overseas and locally, and our thoughts go out to those who have lost loved ones to it.

“This pandemic has had another devastating impact, though, which must now be a priority: the precarious state of Bermuda’s economy. We believe that another serious outbreak could be catastrophic for the island’s tourism and business and could take years to recover from – which is why it must be avoided at all cost. The best way to ensure that we do not have another surge is by getting as many of Bermuda’s residents vaccinated as possible.

“We are incredibly fortunate in Bermuda that we have ample supplies of the Pfizer vaccine, available free of charge to our citizens and open to all who want it: herd immunity is within our reach. But it can only be achieved if everyone does their part in signing up to get their jabs. By ensuring the community is safe from rapid transmission of the virus, businesses can operate with confidence again, vaccinated tourists can travel here freely and Bermuda can be a beacon for post-pandemic travel. Herd immunity is an absolute priority.’

Charles H. Jeffers II, Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, said: “As summer approaches, people all over the world who have spent the last year dreaming of their escape to somewhere new and exciting, will be looking to plan their travel. Bermuda can be that place. We have a real chance, thanks to the availability of the vaccine and carefully considered restrictions and regulations, to be the envy of the world’s destinations, offering a truly safe and beautiful experience. We are encouraged by rising vaccine uptake by Bermuda’s residents including our partners in the hospitality industry. Our tourism recovery and the livelihoods of thousands who rely on its success, depend on us being protected, and prepared. I encourage those who can, to get vaccinated so that our families, communities and economy can thrive.”

Nathan Kowalski, President of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, said: “We are heartened by the Green family’s latest donations and for their rallying call encouraging locals to get vaccinated. The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on businesses locally, with thousands of people having lost jobs or being underemployed as a result. We strongly urge members of the public who can be vaccinated to get vaccinated, making the most of the vaccination clinics’ new extended hours and walk-in sessions. By striving for community immunity, we are not only keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe, but empowering our local economy to get back on track.”

*Bernews Note: The vaccine 1 dose/2 dose/percent of population can cause confusion, so we are adding a note to explain that the vaccine requires two doses, and officials have repeatedly cited an aim of 70% of the entire population, so that’s why the statistics correlate to entire population, not just eligible. The Government previously said “scientists estimate the threshold for community immunity is 65% – 70% of the population” and “in Bermuda, this means something closer to 80% – 85% of the population that is eligible to be vaccinated.”