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Island Records Another Covid Related Death

The Bermuda Government has released the latest Covid-19 figures, with the island recording another coronavirus-related death, bringing the total to 153 since the pandemic began in 2020. There are now 46 known active cases, with seven of the 46 in hospital.

Covid-19 Bermuda December 2022

This follows after the Ministry confirmed that the “latest variants of the coronavirus BF.7 and BQ.1 have been detected in Bermuda.

A Government spokesperson previously said, “The BF.7 is highly infectious [three times more than other variants] and spreads faster than other variants. Symptoms of the new BF.7 sub-variant are similar to common flu and include cold, cough, fever, and body pain.”

Minister of Health, Kim Wilson previously said: “I am again strongly recommending mask-wearing and, if you are not yet boosted, do so as soon as possible. Avoid the “Three Cs”: close contact, crowded spaces and confined places with poor ventilation, especially if you live in a high-risk household, with adults with preexisting conditions such as diabetes, lung disease, heart disease or anyone immune-compromised. Our vulnerable community also includes patients undergoing cancer treatment.”