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MarketPlace: Masks Encouraged, Not Required

MarketPlace is encouraging customers to continue to exercise caution and remain diligent, saying that “face masks are strongly encouraged while inside the store, but not required.”

Speaking on Monday, Minister of Health Kim Wilson said, “As a reminder, after March 31, an indoor mask mandate will continue for the following settings only: for those in healthcare or institutional settings, such as healthcare facilities, nursing homes, rest homes and Corrections facilities; for those providing transportation for the public, which includes the indoor spaces of ferries, as well as on buses, taxis and minibuses; and inside at the Airport.”

The Minister noted that “businesses can set mask requirements for entry to their premises and for access to services which are appropriate for their establishments, and we encourage them to do so. Businesses have the right to set a mask policy, and all customers, clients and staff must comply with it.

“Masks effectively control the spread of the virus, and anyone who wishes to wear a mask is encouraged to continue to wear one, especially when physical distancing is impossible indoors, outdoors, when we are around strangers and in poorly ventilated settings. Wearing a mask is vital to people who have compromised immunity or are unvaccinated.”