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Miles Remains Open, Senior Hour On Sundays

Miles Market store operation hours are 8am – 5:30pm weekdays through Saturday, they have a special hour for seniors on Sundays from 10am – 11am, and they are asking everyone to observe social distancing.

Their website said, “Bermuda and the world are facing the outbreak of coronavirus [Covid-19] on an enormous scale; the human impact is massive, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected.

“We are so thankful to have a wonderful team of people and would like to first recognize each of them, who through difficult challenges, are working to ensure you have the world of food available.

“Our food supplies remain stable and while there may be shortages of some items, we are working constantly to find ways to keep the store at the level that you would expect while maintain strong health and safety standards.

“We are adhering to the guidelines issued by the Bermuda Ministry of Health and support the work of local health officials and government leaders, continuing all our hygiene practices to help protect the spread of the virus and have hope that you are also.

“Below are some changes and details on Miles operations from Wednesday March 25th until further notice:

  • “Store operation hours will be 8am – 5:30pm [Weekdays through Saturday] and regular Sunday hours. We will, however, be constantly reviewing this and shall advise any adjustments with no less than 48 hours notice to you.
  • “Miles will be open for our senior customers on Sundays from 10am – 11am after which time we will resume normal Sunday operating hours. Those 65+ will be welcome to shop from 10AM and may be asked to present a valid ID. Those high risk, vulnerable customers, outside this age bracket, are also welcomed to shop during this time. We do ask for your cooperation at this time, allowing those more vulnerable persons to be given the ability to shop with peace of mind.
  • “All customers should shop consciously and efficiently to allow the flow of persons to move through the store to keep as few customers in the store at one time. We also always ask for you to be considerate of social distancing [1.5m / 5ft] away from other customers.
  • “We want to make it clear that our supply chains are currently consistent and are being updated regularly. We ask customers to be conscious of those that may not be able to shop as often and to shop more along the lines as you normally would.
  • “We have previously advised on measures made that include, and are not limited to, increased water temperatures, increased use of virucides, UV light on all air returns decontaminating the air entering the store and all additional components that are part of our cleaning protocol.

“We appreciate your understanding, patience and cooperation as we navigate this together.”